Our story

In 2005 Floor’s backpack adventure went completely different than expected. In beautiful Indonesia she lost her heart to love and to a friendship for life.

After months of travelling through Indonesia she returns to the Netherlands, together with Nathan and lots of ideas and inspiration. Another trip to Tenerife follows. And there, during one of their many walks (or brainstorm sessions,  in a beautiful little village, their idea for VillaFlor is born. The name of that village…..VillaFlor!

Back in the Netherlands, they open a store in an old tannery in the South of the Netherlands, where they sell unique, handmade home accessories from Indonesia. Soon a second store follows, in the center of the Netherlands. Retailers are starting to show their interest in their product and the idea to become a wholesaler is born. Gradually the wholesale company grows and in 2013 both shops are  closed and VillaFlor decides to focus on B2B.

The dream was to start a production of our own, where we could realize our own designs. In 2013, we also started this project. Nowadays we have a beautiful factory on Java and we control the production from the start.

VillaFlor, an inspiring journey….for more than 13 years now!


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